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Kuda Kejar Anjing?

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Kuda Kejar Anjing?




German Shepherd Dog gigitan kuda chasing
10 bulan laporan online internasional: sering mendengar bahwa “anjing bersanding kuda,” tapi Anda telah mendengar dari “kuda gigitan anjing”?? Frankfurt, Jerman beberapa hari lalu ini jarang terjadi pada adegan: kuda jinak yang tiba-tiba buka mulut yang “provokatif” Itu salah satu Shepherd Dog “mulut berbisa.”

Pada saat itu, seorang Belgian Shepherd Dog adalah campuran kuda chase, Tetapi ini kuda tidak mendengarkan leher kuda Shepherd Dog’s “perintah”, segera melembuntukan besar rambut, membuat U-turn kembali ke Shepherd Dog, Shepherd Dog mencoba jatuh di ekor dari mulutnya. Crimping Shepherd Dog takut untuk melarikan diri jelu ekor.

Melihat situasi ini, di Jerman Lothar fotografer segera diambil oleh kamera ini pemandangan langka.

Rumah Berhantu British

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Rumah Berhantu British

1. Bricklin Manor


Bricklin Park ranked first international online report October 30 on whether the world really fishy? Most people would trust a negative. However, around or happen at a number of odd-odd experienced strange things, but also can not explain it. On the occasion of Halloween eve, the inventory of the United Kingdom Trust Territory of the United Kingdom 10 The most famous “ghost house”, to ensure that you read the spine cool hair.

“Without a head of Queen’s” home ranked first
British Trust frequency based on the ghost, the ghost of death and whether the reputation of always change to determine the 10 large “ghost house” of. The list also received the “Trust mysterious story,” Ghost Writer Shannon Evans ex help. She claimed that open to the public of the 630 monuments, at least 200 are haunted, but these ghosts are harmless, there is no need for removal.

All the “ghost house” in the vicinity of Norfolk Bricklin Manor????There is no doubt the first place. It is said that it is the period of the 17th century James I All-England, one of the most beautiful buildings in order to fine decorative tapestries and precious collection of books known. In addition, the estate in such a famous also because it is the poor without a head of the spirits of the dead Queen’s House????. In the House before the Earl of Wiltshire Thomas Boleyn of all, his daughter Annie was born at Queen’s here. Queen’s in 1536 at????betrayed by King Henry VIII was beheaded, allegedly by her every day of the death penalty, people to see her arm at the head, by a knight from driving without a head Walk around the tower of the carriage.
In addition to Queen Anne, the two have the estate the famous “ghost” appears often. Count one is Thomas, allegedly because he did not see the death of his daughter shot saved by the curse. Each year, the ghost of his cock at the public knows before they attempt to climb the bridge 12; another ghost????are Sir John, he was a knight of the 15th century, and later became works of Shakespeare’s comedy “???husband, “the prototype of the protagonist. It is said that he would sell the estate of Sir Thomas, he also often visits their home.
Bricklin estate manager to allow Brooks calmly said that the report had a lot of visitors have seen the ghost of the three individuals, especially in the post-May 19 because it was Queen Anne was beheaded days

2. Dunst Wolfsburg


Satsuma Dunster Castle Dorset region, where there is also the ghost of some well-known, one of her best known green men

3.???spinning classes Cheshire Course

Cheshire???spinning class field, it is said there is a group of spinning, where the ghost workers.

4. Newton Manor

Dinesh Carmarthenshire in the Darfur region of Newton’s estate, said to the 18th century, a Wendy Carneiro????Miss Xu Di strangled by a suitor. To the National People’s Congress here feel as if the invisible hand is a pair of??their throat


Tyneside at????estate near Newcastle, which is a 18th century manor of the forest, it is said a ghost of the unfortunate female count always show up ..

6. Lyme Park, Cheshire


Lyme Park, Cheshire, a lot of people have seen the funeral of a “ghost team” through the park.


A man has been hanged in England during the civil war in the gatehouse, the people have seen him around the ghost there. In addition, the visitors also saw “Cinderella,” and then she disappeared from the face to the wall

8. Hughenden manor


British politicians and writers often the ghost of Benjamin Disraeli was all smiles standing on the stairs looking at the past, tourists ..
9. Garden Castle


Pu to the Prince of the Castle and Garden of tourists seen wearing black clothes of a mysterious woman, who sat on a chair near the fireplace. Visitors have always felt someone touch them by hand.

10. Elton Hall


Elton Manor Lincolnshire, said to a gentleman dressed in black, often appear in the “Queen’s bedroom.”



Bayi Paling Ringan Di Dunia

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Bayi Paling Ringan Di Dunia



Maywood, Illinois, Amerika Serikat di pusat kota medis, dokter dengan kedua tangan dan bayi dilahirkan tiga minggu
Perbandingan anak-anak. Rumaisa Rahman, yang dikenal sebagai bayi yang dilahirkan di 19 September 2004, adalah twins
J berat hanya 8,6 ounces (sekitar 244 gram). Yang berkata kepada hidup di dunia lightest berat